As a Rockman/Megaman fan from a young age (my first exposure to the series being Rockman World for Game Boy), I have come across and collected a large amount of media related to the franchise and its many series (Classic, X, DASH, etc.). Also having access to both Japanese and English media (especially the former), I would like to take this opportunity to share these publications and my views on them by creating this reviews/articles section for everyone to enjoy. For this section, I would like to cover all sorts of media and goods related to the Rockman/Megaman series ranging from comics, guidebooks, toys, games, and even various obscure merchandise.

At the moment there is no definitive schedule for updates to this section, but if there are any releases or articles you want covered, please send me an e-mail using the address at the bottom of the page.

For media such as books, comics, etc., region-based names (Rockman, Megaman, both, etc.) will be used based on the origin of the content being reviewed. As an easy reference, a character/terminology list which includes the English localized equivalent may be included when applicable. If you want a reference list on any of the reviewed content below, please let me know.