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2016/09/18 - New Section Ready!

After talking about this for some time, I have finally gotten around to creating a review section for all sorts of Megaman-related merchandise ranging from toys to comics (including those not released in English).

For the first entry, I have reviewed the Rockman.EXE action figure from the 4 Inch-Nel toy line. Check it out!

2016/09/14 - Chapter 4!

Hello again everyone!

As promised this week marks the beginning of the next chapter, starting with a cover page followed by a double page update coming next week! (Afterwards, updates will resume their usual bi-weekly schedule so it's the least I could do!)

So here's to a new chapter!

2016/07/06 - Me Gustav.

It really never is Rock's day in this adaptation. So far every single 'boss' he fights head-on has a second form when he is exhausted just fighting the first (though maybe not so much for the Ferdinand fight).

And so concludes Chapter 3 and its one-week updates that has led up to its completion! Unfortunately, this also means I would be going on a slight break to work on the groundwork for the next chapter. My schedule would be getting chaotic soon, but I'll make an announcement once I finalize the details.

As always, thank you very much for reading RMDL! I hope to see everyone soon!

2016/06/29 - Get in, q- huh?

The end of the chapter comes next week, even if looks like neither side is backing down...!

It's the last stretch, and here's to completing the one-week-update streak up until the end of the chapter!

2016/06/22 - MISS TROOON~

So just what does Tron have in mind, destroying the Ferdinand instead of using it to escape?

I'm just barely making things in time, but I really want to see if I can finish the chapter with a weekly update streak.