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2015/10/07 - → ↓ ↘ P

Don't. Mess. With. Gramps.

As a side note, I admit that the "inprobably heavy object" gag was inspired from a throwaway joke from an old 4-koma I read some time ago.

Managed to get plenty done this week it seems! I would also like to present the much-delayed Vehicle/Mechanics section! It has finally been prepared and ready for everyone to look through!
Like with the character and much-out-of-date weapon profiles, these sections will be updated as the story goes, so be sure to check back whenever an update is announced!

2015/09/23 - Why they call him "Invincible".

Surely they had to be some reason Gramps got that title...

2015/09/16 - Illustration: Tron Lab Outfit (Ver. RMDL)

I have to admit, this is my frst time doing a proper fully illustrated piece featuring Tron.
Though (as some of you may know) I would pick Roll if I had to choose one over the other, the "Lab" appearance of Tron from MoTB without the creepy glasses (Thanks for the idea, Dashe!) would make me reconsider.

So here it is! Tron Bonne's Lab Outfit (Version RMDL)!

Click for larger image

Be sure to check it out on my DA Page as well! Thanks everyone!

2015/09/09 - Hazard pay? What's that?

Worker and domestic abuse is wrong! Don't follow Tron's example!

2015/09/02 - Meanwhile in City Hall...

Makes you wonder what kind of pay do police get doesn't it?

This comic was slightly delayed due to cases of Phantom Pain.