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2018/01/17 - X Manga Review: Breaking The Ice

Reviews for the X manga continues with Part 3!

2018/01/10 - X Manga Reviews Continue!

A little more to fill in the void between Chapters 4 and 5, here is the next chapter summary/review of Iwamoto's Rockman X manga!

2018/01/03 - New Year, New Section! X manga review!

Happy belated new year everyone! Sorry I have been really off for so long without saying anything due to some private stuff.

Just reconfirm: Yes, Chapter 5 of RMDL is being made and hopefully starting its run soon. In the meantime, I have gone through one of my old favorite comics "Rockman X" by Iwamoto and have made summaries and reviews of them. Check them out here!

2017/08/02 - Volnutt Figure? Action!

Just finished a review of the long-awaited Rock Volnutt 4-Inch-Nel action figure by Sentinel!

2017/06/07 - More than enough time to get a second controller.

It felt pretty obvious when working on this page that it follows the "see enemies to fight in the next chapter" cliffhanger method seen in all sorts of stories. Thankfully the base script doesn't seem like I'll need to rely on this again so I would like to treat this as a one (two?) off and just focus on the next part.

And so this concludes Chapter 4 of this Megaman Legends manga adaptation! I would like to take this chance to thank all you readers for being so patient with page releases! I would also like to confirm that Chapter 5 is being prepared as we speak, and I would make an announcement and teaser for things once it's ready!

Once again, thank you all for reading RMDL! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!