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2015/03/18 - Hunter, now where did I hear that before...

Because every hero needs a cool mask, right?

And this marks the end of Chapter 2! Thank you for reading (and for putting up with my slow update schedule) everyone!

At the moment, draftwork for Chapter 3 is progressing nicely. This time though, I am aiming for a less 'jarring' hiatus period between chapters and instead having some 'buffer content' in between. Script is pretty much set now so hopefully it'll turn out the way everyone wants it!

2015/03/04 - The hero's back!

It's fun to have hot-headed showoff hero Rock back again.

2015/02/18 - Are we tired of the suspense?

Hope I didn't take too long this time! I would like to finish this chapter at the very least!

I admit that the first two panels of this latest one is (mostly) taken from KR Spirits, but it seemed too fitting to pass on. Also, stuff blowing up again; it's been too long...

2015/01/14 - We can't help but relate to them, really.

So, just what kind of sport do people go all SERIOUS BUSINESS over in the Halcyon Days era? Maybe it's some kind of contact-sport version of golf hockey football...

Just relocated to the country area recently, with Internet back up just a day ago. With this and some other real-life stuff that just so-happened during the move, I might be delayed in the next page. Either way, I'll try to put up something (even if filler) for the next update! Thanks for understanding!

Update: 2015/01/28
Unfortunately, the past couple of weeks (and more) was too much.
I'll be taking a small hiatus to build up more pages for later.

The least I can do is throw in some random sketches in the meantime. So... enjoy!

Click for larger image

2014/12/31 - No, I have not forgotten about them either.

Honestly speaking, I have always found it strange that both Amelia and Barrell seemed like they were doing nothing in the original game. Closest thing I can imagine was that they got bound down or something and were untied once Rock got to them. Or perhaps there's another side to all this we don't know about...?

So this is quite literally the last update for 2014! Have a Happy New Year, everyone!