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2015/04/15 - Eyecatch!

And the last literal page filler!
Don't worry, Chapter 3 is coming soon!

2015/04/08 - Tactical Exploration Action

I just recently recalled that Capcom and Konami did some cross-company collaborations with their big releases before; starting with the Game Boy Advance era with the EXE series crossing with Boktai, and (somewhat) more recently Monster Hunter and Peace Walker. Those were really good times (even if the games themselves may be subjective) and, well, maybe that's why I continue making these things.

And should those good times continue, maybe we'll get silly stuff like these:

Click for larger image (opens new tab)

Should they join again, maybe we'll get something like Resident Evil x Silent Hill...

2015/04/01 - This week's NG.

In between these two chapters, I wanted to revisit some earlier scenes in my own way. Redrawing the pages for the sake of replacing them didn't feel right (and just to remind me how much I foul up) so I decided to go about it in a different way.

In other news, a working prototype of RMDL's mobile site is available now! I have only tested it on my own Xperia smartphone using Firefox and Chrome browsers (and so far so good), so sorry if they appear weird on your end! If you see any weird stuff, please drop a message on my Facebook page and I'll see what I could do! Thanks in advance!

2015/03/18 - Hunter, now where did I hear that before...

Because every hero needs a cool mask, right?

And this marks the end of Chapter 2! Thank you for reading (and for putting up with my slow update schedule) everyone!

At the moment, draftwork for Chapter 3 is progressing nicely. This time though, I am aiming for a less 'jarring' hiatus period between chapters and instead having some 'buffer content' in between. Script is pretty much set now so hopefully it'll turn out the way everyone wants it!

2015/03/04 - The hero's back!

It's fun to have hot-headed showoff hero Rock back again.