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  • New RMDL page


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2017/04/26 - Get Equipped.

Because two guns are just plain better.

Possible one of the biggest ambiguous points of the DASH series is that we never see Rock change his weapons on-screen. I debated on this quite a bit, but decided to go the direction of Rock being capable of switching between his arms and weapons as an ability given to his unique armor set as opposed to the toy-like prosthetics. While prosthetics are indeed a canon aspect of this timeline, this particular case won't apply to Rock.

2017/04/12 - On the last episode of RMD...

Genius or not, Roll should have no method of preparing an armored car with such little time between an evening and morning. I bet she cut corners somewhere, I just know it...

Once again, I apologize for the sudden disappearance and lack of updates for almost a month. I have been taking time off to be hit by a fever and cold combination of sorts.

But enough about that, I managed to get an update ready despite all this so here it is!

2017/03/30 - No rest for the weary

Currently taking a short break while I catch up with lots of real-life stuff, so sorry for putting RMDL on hiatus no less. :/

On the plus side, I just completed a new review featuring Sentinel's X action figure! Thanks again for everyone's understanding!

2017/03/15 - (Not-so) subtle Art-work

Long story short: Some keen viewers may have spotted the subtle change in design (visible hair aside), and I've been planning this payoff since Chapter 2 (though how exactly it would happen changed a bit along the way).

So at any rate, (formerly) cut content confirmed for RMDL!

2017/03/08 - Just too much of her parents in her.

A discussion I had sometime earlier last month revolved around the Caskett/Casquet family, especially how the disappearance of Roll's parents may have affected Gramps and his possible reluctance in sending his remaining granddaughter off to danger.

With that said, I kind of like how the "hazy" effect came grainy and like a comic scan. Also due to Switch-related incidents (Breath of the Wild is AMAZING. Get it if you can!) I am going to have to hurry up with next page's Artwork! See you all next week!