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2017/08/02 - Volnutt Figure? Action!

Just finished a review of the long-awaited Rock Volnutt 4-Inch-Nel action figure by Sentinel!

2017/06/07 - More than enough time to get a second controller.

It felt pretty obvious when working on this page that it follows the "see enemies to fight in the next chapter" cliffhanger method seen in all sorts of stories. Thankfully the base script doesn't seem like I'll need to rely on this again so I would like to treat this as a one (two?) off and just focus on the next part.

And so this concludes Chapter 4 of this Megaman Legends manga adaptation! I would like to take this chance to thank all you readers for being so patient with page releases! I would also like to confirm that Chapter 5 is being prepared as we speak, and I would make an announcement and teaser for things once it's ready!

Once again, thank you all for reading RMDL! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

2017/05/31 - The client's face's still intact. Job's still done.

One of the bits of official art of Roll that seems to be overlooked often is the one where she's holding a gun-like utility. Being one of the earliest pieces of art of this Roll I have come across, I always thought it would be really cool to have the (de-facto) brother-sister combination fight alongside each other in some capacity. Of course by the time I played through the game I was quite disappointed that it never came to be, so I thought I'd play this up to make things more interesting.

As for Roll's sudden upgrade into someone who can fight, I like to think of it as something in the Caskett/Casquet's blood; if Gramps and her parents are badasses, she should be too.

2017/05/24 - Tank Shreds.

I did another run of RMD for PSP over the weekend, and no matter how many times I see it it's amusing how a solid tank can fall apart from what looks like tiny-caliber machine gun fire.

Though in practice I prefer to think of the "machine gun arm" more like an autocannon for tearing apart armored targets.

2017/05/17 - The Professional.

Making an update today as I'm feeling a little daring to push ahead to end this chapter soon. Enjoy!

The more keen Capcom fans might notice that this officer's combat gear may resemble another police department's.