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2014/07/24 - No room for pause.

What we know so far: This Rock has a showy streak, stubborn but good-natured, and a magnet for danger. Doesn't seem too far from the original, I guess...

In other news, writeup for the "World of Halcyon Days" section has begun. This section is made for further reading to supplement the manga adaptation's take on the Megaman Legends lore. Fine details on Terra and the Halcyon Days era such as language, cultures, and technology will be covered in this section, and occasionally updated as the plot continues forward. I'm currently aiming for the update to take place around mid-November; let's see how much can be squeezed in between then and now!

2014/07/11 - It's here!

Well, there goes any hope of productivity for this week.

Click for larger image

2014/09/10 - #39 will have some explaining to do.

Just to not keep the suspense, I'm just going to sneak this one in.
I think I'm doing it right.

2014/09/03 - No key to take for coming in.

Got nothing much to say about, having got back from Hokkaido a few days ago. Though I did manage to pick out this little thing at the airport.

2014/08/20 - High-yield explosives.

Surely, these cops were bound to have something unexpectedly powerful, right? Well, that's one down and two more to go...

On an unrelated note, I'll be finding myself in Hokkaido on vacation next week, so until the next update!